Fix Apollo hook to your rod

1. Fix it D.I.Y

You will be given a ready-made Apollo rig if you rent our equipments at $30. Save the trouble of tying knots by yourself.



Changi Day

  • Sinker size: 3-5
  • Hook size : 1/0
  • Leader line: 35lb
  • Main line: 25lb.
  • Rod/Reel : Light

Changi Night

  • Sinker size: 6-8
  • Hook size : 1/0
  • Leader line: 45lb
  • Main line: 35lb.
  • Rod/Reel : medium

Southern Day

  • Sinker size: 6-12
  • Hook size : 1/0
  • Leader line: 45lb
  • Main line: 35lb.
  • Rod/Reel : medium

Southern Night

  • Sinker size: 6-20
  • Hook size : 3/0
  • Leader line: 55lb
  • Main line: 60lb.
  • Rod/Reel : Heavy

5 Steps to fishing


Step 1. Set the drag

A – Tighten. B – Loosen. C – Pull.

Set the drag by turning the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise. You have to set this correctly as you don’t want to catch a big fish and snap the line. Make sure you still pull out the line quite easily.



2. Hook your bait

A – Horn hooking. B – Side hooking (by the tail).



3. Cast your line

A – Press the line against your rod. B – Release the bailer.

C – Finger pressed against the line with the rod horizontally against your body. D – Toss the rod forward. E - Release your finger when the rod 45˚ to your body.

F - Close the bailer and slowly reel in.




4. Technique of luring fish

Do not let your bait touch the sea bottom or risk getting it stuck on coral and rocks. Reel in slowly with a bouncing motion.



5. Reel in your fish

A – Pull the rod up with both hands. B - Let down your rod and reel in at the same time. Play around with the fish and remember not to pull up when fish is pulling down.

C – Ask someone to net the fish. Do not pull out the fish without a net.



Step 6: When the line get stuck

If the line get stuck, DON’T PULL IT HARD! Struck it like a guitar string until its out. if it does’nt come out after many struck, pull it hard until the line burst or the hook loosen.